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Sergio McGee
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Have you ever wondered why some people die from incidents you felt he or she should have survived? Why do people survive when he or she should have died? If so, this inspirational life story is for you!

Blessed is an inspiring memoir that highlights

the trials and tribulations of Sergio McGee. How he’s over came enormous odds. From being shot multiple times and once being a total quadriplegic.

He writes about only being given a 2% chance to survive. And if he did survive his family was told that he would be brain dead and in a veggitated state for life. And how his faith and determination help him to do what many thought was impossible.

A book review by M. Swinton ‘Sergio McGee book #Blessed is a beacon of light for others even in their darkest days’
It wasn’t until he changed his thoughts about his situation. And that is when his body began to change for the better. This book will help the reader to appreciate even more every breath that they take.

Stay #Blessed !


Question 1: What made you want to write this book?
I didn’t set out to write this book at first. I just began writing down things from my past that happened. And as I wrote the stories of my past, I found myself getting upset and sometimes crying. I decided to keep writing because this process was therapeutic, I felt a lot better. Those notes became the genesis for my book, #Blessed.

Question 2: What would someone get from reading your book?
My hope would be that people will understand how with faith, self-determination, and hard work they can over-come obstacles.

Question 3: What have you learned about yourself while writing this book?
I’ve learned a lot about myself emotionally, spiritually and physically. I have been through so much, yet I’m still here. I have also learned how to change my thoughts, which helped me in many situations.

Question 4: How has becoming an author changed you?
I have a new appreciation for writers and authors. I didn’t realize how much work goes into writing a book until I wrote #Blessed

Question 5: What would you say to someone that has been though something like you or similar?
I would want them to understand as long as they have breath. They should always do whatever they can physically mentally and emotionally. That can help them better themselves on top of constant prayer.

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